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This album is simply transcendental in some sort of strange way that I never expected to find into this genre. I would certainly go as far as to claim this is an epic release that may be a generational milestone in the instrumental hip-hop genre and in the electronic music as a whole as I think the album goes way beyond the limits from a single genre. Distinctively characterized with a cinematic character the work is ever expanding, and plays beyond the mere rhythmic section that hip-hop tends to center. Focused atmosphere and a strong synthesis of elements play special roles in here. Layers of textures, cascades of synths, sampler interplay, beautiful melodic excerpts, some glitch and rhythmic changes create exhilarating images and aural tonalities submitting the listener into a very intriguing journey. In a way I think this bands demarks a departure from more traditional way of hip-hop construction and plants Clams Casino as a new master into the genre. Great work, even in the very heart of what we can consider antithesis of music may occur the unthinkable, the flowers of authenticity and excellence of human greatness appear.


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