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Risposta dello sviluppatoreHi, While playing our games you must have been though many ups and downs, some amazing wins and some other frustrating dry spells. This bad experience will also turn around, and you may find that you've build your coins back up in no time at all, so I hope you won't give up on the games just yet. Have a nice day and the best of luck! Not a mug! Got to hand it to them, very clever scam. The hole thing is completely designed to get you to spend your money for a handful of credits to play there one way gambling games. They have no cash in value at all. Needs to be investigated by the authorities that govern gambling. My advice is to delete the game app.

Perché dovresti leggere questa Guida al Casinò Online?

We're sorry you're having issues with our game. We'd love to get this issue resolved. If you can send us an email at support phonato. Like other reviews, I finally got over 50 million and played a game that I played every day and bet 10, like I did every time. After emailing about the issue I was told I have to bet my amount each time! Scam to eat your money once you have it! In regards to response from company I did notify you when I realized that there was an issue with your gioco and you guys responded by only sending me a portion of the tokens that I lost and then when I saw that there was an app glitch after I lost all my tokens, I was told that I had to actually bet each time I play, which is not something I had to do before I had earned over 50 million tokens. Risposta dello sviluppatore , "Hello!

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